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Heron Botanicals is the proud home of a small group of individuals who, despite their diverse backgrounds and interests, come together every day to honor the plants and those who utilize them. Our dynamic community of herbalists and natural health professionals dedicate a tremendous amount of time and energy to making sure that your experience with us is unparalleled.    

Dr. Eric Yarnell, President

Eric Yarnell ND, RH (AHG) graduated from Bastyr University in 1996 and then completed his residency with Dr. Silena Heron, founder of Heron Botanicals, in 1998. He is currently associate professor in the department of botanical medicine at Bastyr University (Seattle, WA), clinical research physician at the Bastyr Integrative Oncology Research Center ( and is in private practice at Northwest Naturopathic Urology ( focusing on men's health, urology, and nephrology.  Former chair of the department of botanical medicine at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (Tempe, AZ), Dr. Yarnell is also author and co-author of numerous articles and textbooks including Natural Approach to Gastroenterology, 2nd ed; Clinical Botanical Medicine, 2nd ed (co-author); Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy, 2nd ed (co-author, forthcoming); Textbook of Natural Medicine, 4th ed (co-author, forthcoming); Natural Approach to Urology and Men's Health, 2nd ed (co-author, forthcoming) and Natural Approach to Nephrology.


Erika Boynton, Lab Manager

Erika Boynton is the Production Lab Director at Heron Botanicals. Raised with an appreciation for all things botanical, Erika’s upbringing in the plant world was shaped by season after season of growing organic fruits and vegetables and farmer’s market set-up. Eventually she chose to hone her passion for the craft via farm sales along with work in landscape maintenance and preservation.  With an associate’s degree in Plant and Soil Sciences, Erika felt inspired to incorporate her interests in health sciences and her love of botanicals. She went on to earn a B. Sc. in Herbal Science at Bastyr University. During this time, she worked as an assistant in the Chinese herbal dispensary in order to explore her love of Chinese herbal medicine. As a professional herbalist, Erika worked at the Bastyr teaching clinic as a liaison between patient and doctor, blending tea and tincture formulations for patient use while overseeing the clinic’s all-natural body care department. When the need to hire a trained herbalist to manage the production laboratory at Heron Botanicals arose, Erika was the one chosen to maintain and improve the quality and integrity of our products.  

 Nico Jensen, Sales Manager

Nico Jensen is our Sales Manager at Heron Botanicals. Nico spent the majority of her youth in the Rocky Mountain town of Red Feather Lakes, Colorado. Here she discovered her love of plants, the great outdoors, and medicine. Nico's background lies in healthcare and emergency services. She moved to Seattle in 2011 when she discovered a major which merged these passions into a single degree and earned her B. Sc. in Bastyr University’s Botanical Medicine program. Nico also completed Bastyr University's 14-month Holistic Landscape Design degree which encompasses permaculture courses such as Soil Ecology, Biodynamic Agriculture, Medicinal and Edible Plants in the Landscape, Greenhouse and Nursery Management, and Integrative Pest Management.  These combined degrees provided a strong base for Nico to apply her knowledge of medicinal and edible plants in a clinical, production, or herb cultivation/farm setting. 


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Who is Heron?

We are a small producer of artisan-quality herbal extracts. We use local species and fresh plant material whenever possible, and sell direct to naturopaths and other holistic practitioners across North America.

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