Quality Assurance

Here in our laboratories, we are acutely aware of an emerging quality conundrum in the herb industry, a paradox that obscures any common understanding of what constitutes high quality botanical products.  As herbalists, we know that like all things in nature, herbs do not conform to a unifying standard by which to judge.  However, when touching, tasting, and smelling a fresh and vital plant, shades of quality are readily apparent and unmistakably clear to the senses of a trained professional. 

At Heron Botanicals we don’t feel the need to convince our customers of the quality or potency of our botanical extracts.  The products speak of quality much louder and far more eloquently than we ever could.  Only the healthiest and happiest botanicals make their way into our small batch products.  We take care to identify and sort our harvests by hand and at least two professionally trained herbalists are involved with processing every product at each step along the way. 

Heron Botanicals is proud of our legacy and confident in our efforts to carry on the tradition of superior, mindfully made botanical extracts.  We simply wouldn’t feel good about offering up anything less.

Quality Control

Heron Botanicals is a fully GMP compliant facility in accordance with 21 CFR 111.  All herbs that enter Heron Botanicals are identified and assessed for vitality by at least two trained apothecaries.  Our dedicated network of wildcrafters and suppliers partner with us to ensure our quality control and identification standards.  To learn more about becoming involved in our raw materials network click here.  

Throughout cleaning, production, and bottling for distribution the quality of our products is ensured by herbalists skilled in the fine art of crafting quality botanical products. The vitality of each and every plant is thoroughly evaluated organoleptically and macroscopically.  Additionally, in an effort to set industry standards and provide representative empirical data, Heron Botanicals assures the quality of our finished products using AOAC certified and FDA approved methods.   Certificates of Approval reflecting this testing are available by request for any of our simple extracts.

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Heron Botanicals
Maintaining Tradition, Mastering Science

Who is Heron?

We are a small producer of artisan-quality herbal extracts. We use local species and fresh plant material whenever possible, and sell direct to naturopaths and other holistic practitioners across North America.

Heron Botanicals

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