Extraction Technologies

Ethanol and glycerin extractions. Decoctions. Succi. Infused oils. These are the primary methods by which we preserve the vitality and integrity of the raw material botanicals prepared at Heron.

Our lab utilizes basic ethanol and glycerin extractions and we meticulously research potential solvent percentages as well as possible weight to volume ratios of herb (marc) to menstruum (solvent) in our own body of production-based research or our colleagues in the industry. Influenced by Dr. Bastyr’s extensive research, a small amount of vegetable glycerin is included in our alcohol extractions.  

Informed by our experiences with classical Chinese and TCM preparations, several dried Chinese herbs are traditionally decocted over low heat and rendered into a tinctured decoction with the addition of a small percentage of ethanol. 

Succulent plants such as Borago officinalis and Galium aparine are prepared as a succus; freshly harvested plants are pressed immediately upon arrival in our lab and the resulting ‘juice’ is blended with a low percentage ethanol for preservation. 

In an effort to create topical ointments rich with potent botanical extracts, we infuse fresh flowers, leaves, aerial parts and a few roots in olive oil, slowly and with great vigilance, over low heat.   When the oils have assimilated the essence and vitality of the plants the oil is blended with beeswax and vitamin E to create an emollient topical full of botanical compounds.

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Who is Heron?

We are a small producer of artisan-quality herbal extracts. We use local species and fresh plant material whenever possible, and sell direct to naturopaths and other holistic practitioners across North America.

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