Sustainability Principles

  • Local When Possible

    Local means we know and trust our growers. It means that our plants are fresh, and our carbon foot print remains small. We stock over 180 herbal products that are grown in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Strive For Zero Waste

    From glass bottles to corn starch packing peanuts to biodegradable gloves, we are constantly looking for ways to reduces our waste footprint. We actively strive towards the ideal of zero waste and dream of the day when that becomes a reality.

  • Never Over Harvest

    Our wildcrafters follow strict guidelines that respect nature's balance. They harness the power of wild grown plants while leaving the ecosystem healthy for future harvests and for future generations.

  • Responsibly sourced plants

    We only use plants that come from sustainable sources. We refuse to exploit endangered plants. Instead we offer a large library of herbs with as many alternatives to endangered plants as possible. If we do not stock a common herb, it's probably because there is not a sustainable supply available. Contact us for alternatives.

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