Who can order from Heron Botanicals?

We sell our products exclusively to trained professionals and select wholesalers. We do not sell directly to consumers. 

How do I establish an account? 

New customers can establish at this form. If you are already a customer of Heron Botanicals, you can sign up for an online account using an abbreviated form.

How do I see prices? 

You need to log into your account to see pricing. All of our prices are whole sale prices. At this time we do no have manufacture suggested retail prices (MSRPs). 

Are the herbs you use organic?

All of our growers either are organic certified or testify to using organic practices. Our wildcrafters must adhere to best practices for harvesting wild plants. A tiny selection of herbs that we have not been able to source organically are tested for pesticide residue. We periodically do farm audits to confirm that best practices are being used. 

Why is vegetable glycerine in all your products?

Dr. Selina Heron starting putting glycerine in all her tinctures on the advice of Dr. John Bastyr. The addition of glycerine help extract additional constituents, improves the flavors, and helps with preservation. Glycerine is a non-polar solvent that is capable of extracting constituents that cannot be extracted in water or alcohol. 

Who formulates your formulas?

Dr. Selina Heron and Dr. Eric Yarnell formulate our formulas based on decades of clinical practice. Our formulas are iteratively improved based on customer feedback and clinical use. They are desigend

Can you do custom formulations? 

We cannot do custom formulations on per bottle scale. We start contract manufacturing and private labeling at 1 gallon order size.